why insights

Insights is here to make Burmese Language social listening easier, accessible, more relevant and eventually faster.


Our highly scalable engineering infrastructure is capable of making sure these data are reliable and valid by constantly updating the data in almost real-time manner.

Burmese NLP

Bindez NLP is essentially teaching computers to understand human language; in Burmese Language.

Data Coverage

Bindez has built technology that continuously scans tens of thousands of data from websites and Facebook pages, with gate watch-like system that analyses all the posts on social media and online media

Just A Phone Call Away

Bindez Insights focuses on aggregating data from Burmese social media and emerging digital contents to provide a powerful tool to transform noise into actionable information metrics.Social Media Listening is a time-consuming task. Optimize your resources by reaching to us.


Social Media Analysis is done to track product/services, brands, competitors and also campaign to get real-time result, to make sure you understand your customers, markets and business across social media and online media.

Buzz Monitor

Discover what the most popular website and social media in Myanmar are talking about your brand in real time, and keep track of the market based on keywords that are specific to your industry.

Sentiment Analysis

Bindez Sentiment Engine is trained with a huge amount of data to understand various emotional expression by the people. This gives the most accurate understanding of the public perception and manage potential crisis proactively.

Competitor Analysis

Keep an eye on your competitors, their online media and social media activities and understand the public perception of their brand and products. Compare your brand with theirs.

Smart Data Visualisation

Translate a huge amount of data using our user-friendly dashboard with intuitive data visualizations and perform data analysis effectively to enable the best decision-making process in your organization.

Automated Reporting

Generate highly intuitive report to communicate with different stakeholders in your organization. Create Custom reports in no time.

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